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Monday April 27th 2015

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Are 901 ecigs good?

Hi, I was given a 901 ecig for my birthday.  I was excited to get it, because I have been planning on trying these ecigs eventually, and I guess it had to take someone buying it for me.   I have been using it for a week now, but I still want a cigarette [Read More]

Smoking Everywhere – Haha Boooo

Hey Yall, I don’t know if anyone has seen this rediculous kiosk at Pearlridge.  I happened to be walking by and they pulled me aside as they all do at the mall.  I already have me a Toker 1 thanks to big Edz here, but I thought I’d humor them.  They gave me [Read More]

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Mechanical Mods!

Wow… Nothing about mods here…  Well for those that want the big vapor clouds, a mod is the way to go.  [Read More]

Ejuice Wild West! Be careful!

Hey Folks, Just had a bad experience with some ejuice I bought from a shop. I am starting to notice a lot of places [Read More]

Volcano Still Copies Vapor Tokers LOL

Volcano is yet again copying Vapor Tokers and selling hydra replacements...lol [Read More]

Upgraded my Inferno Tank to the Hydra

Strong suggestion for those of you who use the Volcano Ecigs Inferno or Lavatube tube tank cartomizer. My buddy at [Read More]

Ecig Pumps after changing my inferno atty with a Fatty

Yo Yo, Just wanted to thank all yo guys for your info. I just replaced my Inferno Atomizer with the Vapor TOkers [Read More]

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