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Monday April 27th 2015

Hawaii Vendors

Below is a list of Vendors that distribute ECigs in Hawaii ranked by the members over the past year:

All links below are NOT affiliate links, we do not allow affiliate links on this site.  We do not sell, promote, nor endorse any ecig brand for material compensation.  We buy our own Ecigs!

Vapor Tokers
Local Company, Local Braddahs, known for their solid products and excellent service.  Very Personalble, give them a call, they are very informed and helpful.
“Toke a Fatty”
10% Discount Code (orders over $50): “smoke free”

ECig Hawaii
Swapmeet and internet based company.  Sells Mini ecigs that look like cigarettes.  Not the best performing ecig, but it can do the job if you have enough motivation to quit. Nice hippy looking couple.

Sovereign eSmokes
Offer a great mini ecig in with a battery charging pack.  Very affordable.  Not the best performing ecig, but definately one of the better mini ecigs.  Local boys.

Smoking Everywhere
Mainland based company with retail kiosks here in Hawaii at Pearlridge.  A good chance to go and check out what an ecig looks like and get a chance to try them.  Do not buy from them.  They have one of the most expensive kits.  150 – 200 bucks for a crappy ecig.  They prey on new unsuspecting ecig consumers.

The infamous NJOY.  Well, they were one of the original companies here, but they had nothing but problems.  They started early when the technology was new and underdeveloped.  Big corporation type that prey on the first sale, knowing they will not get repeat business.  Kits over 100 bucks with low performance.  Parts always breaking down.  No need to say more, everyone knows not to buy this brand.

Volcano ecigs expressed they didn’t want to be listed here, they wanted to be removed, sorry we can’t post their link. ah, who cares.

Here are some other brands on the market, not necessarily based in Hawaii:

Green Smoke – two piece mini with pack.  We have had lots of bad reviews of this brand.  Too small.  But if you are a light smoker, it might be ok for you.   Average to heavy smokers should go with a bigger model.

Smokeless Delite – Same this as Green Smoke, Smoking Everywhere, and Blucig

Smoke51 – Another two piece mini ecig

Blucig – Popular web-based ecig.  New ecig users always get caught up buying this brand.  Take advantage of the 30 money back deal.  It performs like crap, but you get a chance to learn a little about ecigs with it.  Just return it on time.  Then buy a better ecig. LOL

Crown7 – Another mini ecig.  Basically another one of those two piece ecigs.  They are all the same with different branding.

Will add more, but you get the idea, there are hundreds of ecig companies now online.  BUT what is important to know is that you need to go with a brand near you, or one with top customer service and warranty policies because these things always go out and you need to get them replaced quick.  If you buy from the mainland, you will wait three-five days for your order or replacement.  Buy an extra ecig to use when you are waiting.

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  • Cowboy says:

    Wow, so many options, and I know these are just a few…I followed the reviews and got me a Fatty. I just love telling folks I going to smoke a Fatty…lol

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