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Saturday April 18th 2015

American Lung Association wants to Ban ECigs? WTF!

Apparently the state to state ecig ban attempts are rooted by the American Lung Assocation.  They claim that any chemical going into your lungs is bad.  Well, then there is a long list of items we need to ban.  Heck, there are devices in existence and have been for years using the same technology and chemicals, but yet they have not been banned after all these years.  Smoke machines in clubs and concerts use the same substance and technology to create smoke or vapor.  There is no movement to ban smoke machines.  There have been no cases of people having problems because they were dancing in a smoke cloud at the club.  Nor has there been any deaths or illnesses caused by ecigs since they have been in use over the last 7 years.  I can’t believe that the ALA is against ecigs, when ecigs are helping people quit cigarettes and decreasing the amount of people with lung issues do to cigarettes.  Maybe they are worried they will lose their funding if people start quiting and then don’t need their existence.  A lot of money goes their way, to advance research in a cure for lung cancer….Hmmm… I wonder if they are even using the money for that reason.  Maybe the truth will come out when the shit hits the fan.  Hundreds of thousands are cutting back on cigarettes and many are improving their health.  There are many things very similar to ecigs and have not caused any adverse reactions, so there is long term research on the chemicals and technologies enabling us to know that it certainly is better than smoking cigarettes.  But since the FDA hasn’t approved it, doesn’t change the fact that ecigs are saving people everyday.  Sign any petition you find and voice your concerns to your representative.  Five states are working to ban ecigs, it is only a matter of time before it happens in your state.  Lets speak up now!

Big Edz

4 Comments for “American Lung Association wants to Ban ECigs? WTF!”

  • Zac says:

    That is so bullshit. All these agencies have made so much money over the years while the people smoked themselves to death, not that we can smoke and actually improve our health, they want to stop it. There is always some greedy bastard hiding benefiting and now that there is a threat,they want to shut it down!

  • Toe-mas says:

    That is so bullshit…It is so sad how our country and government works. They will continue to let people kill themselves smoking cigarettes, just so they can keep making their money….!

  • Joanne says:

    That is pretty Junk! I can’t believe they would do that, how can they be against something that helps prevent what they are asking donations for. So back asswards!

  • Brian94 says:

    So Bullshit!

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