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Monday April 27th 2015

The Fat Fatty ECig holds mad amounts of juice

Just got my Fat Fatty Atty to go on my Fatty.  Loving the filter, man it holds a lot of ejuice, almost 1/4 of my bottle easy.  Great solution, since the Fatty tends to vape a lot of vapor causing refill of the filter pretty often, but not anymore.  I love the look now, like a little mini cigar.  Love the Flat Tip like their Toker 1, too bad it is not rubber though.  Good one VT, you guys are awesome!


2 Comments for “The Fat Fatty ECig holds mad amounts of juice”

  • Big Edz says:

    Hey Brian, Spot on cuz, Great solution for the filter/cart. Long lasting battery plus long lasting cart equals great vaping all day with no hassles!

  • Brian94 says:

    Exactly Big Edz…It is crazy how much juice these Fat Fatty Carts hold…I actually don’t fill it all the way, I just make the top wet enough, probably just the top half, and it still lasts forever… Great addition!


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