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Sunday April 19th 2015

Mechanical Mods!

Wow… Nothing about mods here…  Well for those that want the big vapor clouds, a mod is the way to go.  Mods are for the enthusiast for sure…  Lots of choices and options!  If you are new then you might want to get yourself a K100 or something not too expensive.  I drip style atomizer would be the ideal for big clouds, but there are tanks, however the tanks are a little tricky to work with.  Lots of videos on YouTube to help you out.  There are a bunch of mechanical mods at all sorts of prices.  A lot of places sell knock off copies of many of the brand name devices, they call them clones because copies don’t sound good, but clone sounds more acceptable.  The copies, or clones work, just not as good.  I can go on for days about the mods…  Do some research…  A lot of shops sell mods and can do setups for you.  I saw the reviews about Vapor Tokers and originally started with the Variable Voltage stuff and Hydra Tanks, and simply upgraded when the mods came out.  They also have Mechanical Mods and of course no copies.  You can also go to other shops like the kiosk in pearlridge, as most places are trying to offer mods too now.  I would say do some research to make sure what you buy is safe.  A lot of people using the wrong kind of batteries and being unsafe.  Anyways, the mods are something to definitely look at.  I am much more satisfied with the mod than the regular stuff.  Call any of the shops if you need to know more.  Some shops will not tell you prices over the phone and want you to visit them.  The Toker Guys have been pretty helpful and always give me the prices over the phone… Just call around and get some info.  Definitely compare prices…  See ya!  Big Clouds Baby!  Don’t blow yourself up!

Ejuice Wild West! Be careful!

Hey Folks,

Just had a bad experience with some ejuice I bought from a shop. I am starting to notice a lot of places popping up now and selling ecigs and their backyard mixed ejuice. They have a lot of exotic flavors, but I’m not sure it is worth it. I got one that was supposed to be strawberry cheese cake. It actually didn’t taste too bad. But after a day of using it I started to get white flem build up in my throat and sinus. I didn’t realize it was the juice until I stopped using it and the flem went away. I actually stopped using it because I started to get nose bleeds…? I guess the quality of nicotine was not good. They claimed it was made in the USA so I figured it should be good. Now I am really weary about selecting my juices. I realize most of these new shops are getting info on the net and trying to mix their own juices. UH… This is a consumable product, I realize now that I only want juices that are mixed by real chemists and not braddah joe in his garage. Anyways, just a heads up. That episode was a little scary, especially the nose bleeds. I guess a lot of folks are mixing their juices here in the states now instead of letting the manufacturers do it, then advertising that it is made in the USA. Frankly, now I’d be more worried about juices that are claimed to be made in the USA. I recommend just going with companies that have been operating for a while already since they have some credibilty. Saving a buck was not worth the pain I went through…


Volcano Still Copies Vapor Tokers LOL

My friend just went to the Kapahulu Volcano store and said that they were selling the Vapor Tokers Hydra replacement wicks, but they don’t have any tanks yet…lol I read past posts about how they copied Blucig and Vapor Tokers before, I just think it is hilarious that they continue to copy other companies instead of innovating something of their own. I first switched to Vapor Tokers a couple years ago when Volcano wouldn’t replace my atomizer after it died in one day. I’m sure if you use the inferno tube tank you are going through cartomizers daily, that is why I was stoked when I got my hydra from vapor tokers about a year ago. Volcano finally submitted to the fact that the vapor tokers hydra wick system is better… I just though you other ex-volcano customers out there would get yet another kick out of this. Oh and the VT juice still tastes better too… That is one thing they can’t copy…lol

Andy M

Upgraded my Inferno Tank to the Hydra

Strong suggestion for those of you who use the Volcano Ecigs Inferno or Lavatube tube tank cartomizer. My buddy at work tipped me off to these guys. You have to go to Vapor Tokers and upgrade your tank cartomizer to the hydra or hydra XL. Wow, so so so much better, I can’t give it the justice it deserves. If you are tired of spilling your juice, getting the spray in your mouth, burning up your cartomizers in a few days, burn tastes, priming your carts, then YOU MUST ugrade your Volcano tube tank cartomizer with the Vapor Tokers Hydra! You will NOT be disappointed. I guarantee you will be so much more satisfied. It is so easy to use, no priming, no spray in the mouth, nice smooth drags, and they are so much more cheaper priced. 10 bucks for a better performing ecig. Go check them out on Nuuanu, and you will not be disappointed. I normally don’t review stuff, but it is a crime if I don’t. Yes, it can and does get better…! Your welcome!


Ecig Pumps after changing my inferno atty with a Fatty

Yo Yo,

Just wanted to thank all yo guys for your info. I just replaced my Inferno Atomizer with the Vapor TOkers Fatty Tank atomizer and bam! A whole new world. The Vapor is awesome and there is very little leakage. I have huge leak problems with my Volcano Tank atomizer and of course they don’t replace shit, suckahs! I wish Vapor TOkers would buy them out and take over so we could get some decent products. Anywasy, had to say thanks to you guys for your info. I got my atomizer a 11pm by the way at their nuuanu location, awesome that I can get shit after I finish work late at night, and the dude there was pretty knowledgable and gave me some good tips, you should check them out just for the user tips. Anyways, thanks again guys and props to you VT for your products and services!

I’m out!

Your Welcome!


ECigs a gift from God!

To whom may ever read this,

Hi, I’m just a gal going back to school.  I attend HPU and I just trying to finish school finally.  Everyday I drive down Nuuanu to get to the freeway and saw the ecig shop everyday.  I kept telling myself I will check it out tomorrow.  Well, finally I took the time to check it out.  I have been trying to quit cigarettes for a long time now, and now that I am going to school, it is kind of expensive.  I needed to cut back on the cigarettes, just to save some cash, but it is hard to do, we all know that right!  Anyway, I stopped in at the Vapor Tokers Depot on my way home and tried their ecigs.  I frickin love my Fatty!  I took one hit and new I could switch to ecigs no problem.  I can’t believe I didn’t try these things years ago.  Truly a gift from God.  No more cigarettes for me and I am so happy I can use it in class too!  I just had to share my happiness.  My favorite flavor is blueberry by the way! 

Happy Holidays,

Volcano ecigs or Vapor Tokers…?

Well, I as well as others have seen the click wars about the two.  I know there is a few forums full of ex-Volcano customers complaining about their products and services, especially the whole no replacement policy they have, which I really think is bullshit.  But I had to validate what I read about each.  Volcano has put up a site that they pretty much just bash Vapor Tokers, and some of the posts are just plain silly.  Well, I decided to buy from both and compare the experiences of the two to see and validate what I have read.  Here goes…


- Price, average to high (depending on how many parts you buy because they don’t really replace them.) 

- Shipping time, I live in Florida, got it in 5 days, shipped the day after I ordered it.

- Product, nice packaging, worked better than my blucig, bought the inferno.  Battery works like any other.  Atomizer, didn’t last me four days, lucky I had a 510 atomizer that I could use with it.  Called them about the faulty atomizer and was told I had to buy a new one.

- Support, got a response on the third day.  Seemed like they were finding ways to blame me for the bad part, asking questions like I’m stupid, then telling me that is why it died. 

Basically mostly what I have read on this site and a bunch of others about Volcano ecigs has been spot on.  So that legitimizes what I have read about them.

Vapor Tokers:

Price:  Average, but worth it because of their warranty.

Shipping:  I got it in three days, and I live in Florida, it was shipped the day I ordered it, and I ordered it at 11pm in Florida.

Product:  Nice packaging also, product seems more solid when you touch it, you can tell it is made better.  The Volcano Inferno felt light.  Performance was the best so far that I have seen.  Atomizer still going.  My wall charger went out for some reason, called it in and they sent me a new one that day, got it in three days.

Support:  Sent an email and got a response with my question answered in an hour.  When I called about the charger, they didn’t ask any questions, they sent me a new one with prepaid postage for the return.  Very Cool! 

Vapor Tokers validated what I have read about them, except for one site I read some not so good things about them.  It was funny, because that was the only place I saw that, so it appears they have a hater… 

I think it is really sad and cowardly of Volcano to put up a fake site just to try and discredit all their mad ex-customers.  I never just believe what I read, so that is why I did the challenge.  You can do it too and see exactly what I saw.  Everything I read here and a few others sites about these two is valid, that is why I chose this site to join and spread the word.  My recommendation is to avoid Volcano, you don’t have to buy from Vapor Tokers, although they have quality products and support, but to save you time and money, DO NOT buy from volcano.  Or do and validate my post…lol


Unsatisfied with my Pure Smoke

Hi everyone,

I got me a pure smoke kit from a smoke shop where I live and I hope there is something better than this.  It looks cool like a cigarette, but it feels like I’m smoking air or like my cherry is halfway out on my cigarette.  What should I try next?  I heard blucig wasn’t that much different that the pure smoke, same with greem smoke.  I thinking anything with smoke in the name probably sucks…lol  My friend had a volcano or something, but she told me not to get those either because she is always waiting for replacements.  I see there is a lot of feedback for Vapor Tokers, so I think I’ll try them.  Sounds like the support is awesome which is key.  My friend is irritated having to wait over a month for a battery from volcano.  Reviews on others sites say the tokers arrive even faster than other companies that are located in the mainland.  Coming from Hawaii and arriving faster than other companies in the mainland is definately a plus.  We have those venders in the mall here also in Memphis and it sounds just like the other reviews I have read, definately will avoid them.  Thank you all for the info.  Don’t get pure smoke for sure…Not good! 

Ally G

This Fatty is Great!

I’m so glad I found this site, man there is so many options out there and I spent butt loads of money sorting through junk out there.  I appreciate you people putting your info up.  I been through the usual blucig and even Volcano trials and I must say I was not happy.  The blucig was just crap, but at least I could return it in 60 days so that was good.  But Volcano products weren’t that much better.  They worked ok, but I was having to ask for replacements too often and this last time I had to wait 3 months to get a replacement battery, that was it.  So I’m so happy that I found you guys and was lucky to get me a Fatty from Vapor Tokers.  The performance is so much better and I get my stuff so fast.  I live on the East Coast and still I get it faster than I used to get orders from Mainland companies.  You guys at Vapor Tokers are great.  I appreciate your support services.  I recently got me that new Fatty T… Love it guys! Keep it up!


Gamble in Vegas don’t buy a ecig there.

Howzit Edz,
Thanks for letting me post my comments. I’m a local boy living and working in Vegas @ the Cal. I didn’t find this site util I had already bought 2 ecigs. One from the fasion show mall and one from a street vendor near the Cal.  They both looked like a real cigarette (White with red tip). Both lasted me around a month before they became useless. I returned the one from the mall after a long arguement with the sales guy. That one was made by smoke 51 and was $180 bucks, the street vendor one was made by esmoke and was $50 bucks. Needless to say the bruddah from esmoke was no where to be found when I went to take it back. I liked both of them when I tried the sample ones, but mine never worked like the ones they were using to sample??? Thank god my uncle from Oahu came to visit me during his yearly vacation. I picked him up at the airport and on the way to the house he busted out his new ecig. I was blown away that he even had one. He was a chain smoker ever since I can remember. He let me try a few puffs and I was sold. It was a Fatty from a local company vaportokers. I found thier website and ordered one. I got it in the mail two days later, had to be perfect timing for it to get here so quick. I don’t even get stuff I order here on the mainland that fast. I hope those bruddaha and sistahs from vaporokers check this blog out often, cause I want to thank you for the great service. Man you make this local boy proud of you. It’s now been 2 months and no problems so far with the fatty. Works like a charm. I’ve now already hooked up 3 of my friends with them and all of them are stoked. The fatty is like a minature disco fog machine, crazy ammounts of vapor. I hope this helps spread the word about some of the crappy stuff being sold out there. If you want a solid ecig get the fatty. 

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